QIWI Moonlight Party

Project details

Music at the intersection of genres, high technology, and the moonlight – welcome to the QIWI Moonlight Party.

The event was built around simplicity and minimalism – we took the idea. Together with the QIWI team, we presented the guests with a new experience that they would definitely want to tell others about. This party was a place where classics met modernity, nature met technological solutions, where the unique harmony of melodies and a a relaxed atmosphere combined.

A party after a business event is still part of any business trip; even at this time guests need to retire somewhere to complete work tasks or call relatives. Therefore, QIWI PEOPLE chose to create privacy zones, which we adapted for each guest, depending on their preferences, thus emphasizing the customization of products to individual needs.

As skeptical as we may be, at least once in our lives we read horoscopes. They say that horoscopes tend to to be especially accurate whe the moon is waxing! Even at the party, professional astrologers were happy to advise guests. Our favorite headliners were responsible for the musical mood and atmosphere

Qiwi Qiwi Qiwi Qiwi