• What services does Eventum Premo provide?
    • Launch
    • Strategic planning
    • BTL - strategies and sponsorship integration B2B - projects
    • Corporate events
    • MICE projects
    • Marketing communications
    • Corporate Communications
    • Work with bloggers and opinion leaders
    • digital communication strategy
    • Creative / special projects
    • SMM
    • Content marketing
    • Reputation management
    • Video creation
    • landing page and promo sites

    Integrated Projects EVENT / PR / DIGITAL

  • Freelance jobs

    We are pleased to have new useful contacts, so we decided to launch our own platform for freelancers. Now, interested event pros can work with us!

    If you want to get into our database of freelancers, then follow the link and fill out the form

    Мы рады новым полезным контактам, поэтому решили запустить собственную платформу для фрилансеров. 
    Теперь заинтересованные event-профи могут поработать вместе с нами!

  • How to read Customer reviews about Eventum Premo?

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  • Innovation and Achievements
    • In 2018, the company was included in the TOP50 list of world event agencies for the fourth time according to the American magazine Special Events
    • In 2018, we entered the BEA World shortlist for the Night Flight Show vol.2 project in the Best Use of Web and Social Media nomination
    • In 2018, we received bronze at the Big Fish festival for the GATE7 project in the nomination “The Best BTL Project of 2018”
    • In 2018, we received silver at the Eventiada IPRA Golden Awards for the Jaguar E-pace project in the “Best Presentation of the Year” nomination
    • In 2018, we received silver at the Eventiada IPRA Golden Awards for the Night Flight Show vol.2 project in the “Best Use of Technology and Innovation” nomination
    • In 2018, we received silver at the Silver Mercury festival for the project immersive presentation of the Volvo XC60 in the category "Best Presentation of the Year"
    • In 2018, we received the “Event of the Year” figurine for Best Creative Concept for the S7 Night Flight Show vol.2 project
    • In 2018, we received the “Event of the Year” figurine for the Best Client Event presentation for S7 Airlines of Russia's first Airbus A320neo
    • In 2017, we received the Best Evaluation Award special prize and 2 second places in the Best Conference and Best Roadshow nominations for the Sap Forum Moscow project at the Best Event Award
    • In 2017, the company entered the TOP50 list of world event agencies for the third time according to Special Events magazine
    • In 2016, we received the “Event of the Year” figurine for the “Best HR project” for Svyaznoy
    • In 2016, the company entered the TOP50 list of world event agencies for the second time according to the magazine Special Events
    • In 2016, we received the Golden Puzzle statuette for the "Best Automotive Event". “Presentation of the new Smart car line”
    • In 2015, the company entered the TOP50 list of world event agencies according to the magazine Special Events
    • In 2014, we received the Golden Puzzle figurine for "Best event for the brand." Project Artistry, Amway
    • In 2014, we received the crystal planet "Event of the Year" for "The Best Catering Concept." Project Veranda Sberbank Premier
    • In 2014, won two statuettes in the contest "Best Corporate Video" for the project for Gazprombank
    • In 2014, we entered the top 20 most cited communication agencies in the study of Medialogy.
    • In 2013, entered the top ten according to the National rating of communication companies from RIA Rating (RIA Novosti Group)
    • In 2013, partners and founders of the company, Alexander Shumovich and Alexei Berlov, became winners in the "EVENT Stars" nomination
    • In 2013, we received two Planets of the most prestigious Russian event-prize “Event of the Year”
    • In 2012, we became the only company from Russia - the owners of two European Elephants Best Event Award
    • In 2012, the company became the "Agency of the Year" in the Event Technology Award and Event Award.
    • In 2011, we became the "Best Press Service Certified by RASO"
    • In 2012, the company released the Eventum mobile app, which immediately became the Nr.1 ​​app in the Business category of the AppStore.
    • In 2011, the company won the competition "Event Agency Certified by AKMR" and became the "Best Press Service Certified by RASO."
    • In 2007, the first in Russia rating of event-agencies “WHO IS WHO ON EVENT-MARKET” was conducted and published.
    • In 2006, we published the first event management book in Russia. We introduced the fashion to write the word Client with a capital K
    • In 2005, the company released the first catalog of venues for events in Moscow.
    • In 2005, we held the first seminar in Russia, and then the first event management conference
    • In 2004, we held the first meeting of the event club, the first community of event specialists
    • In 2003, the company was the first in Russia to launch a web-catalog of seminars
  • Environmental policy in event business

    Eventum Premo formally supports all of its diverse efforts and initiatives to maintain a safe, green environment. A number of principles of our work are formulated below, observing which we strive to reduce the burden on the environment:

    • We value the professionalism of event customers. Thanks to clear briefs and competent orders, you can reduce the number of edits when printing and printing souvenirs. Less rework - less waste and defective items.
    • We support paraphernalia and printing orders using degradable and recyclable materials. We love cardboard and natural fabrics more than vinyl and plastic.
    • We love wildlife and ask customers not to cut trees and bushes for decorative purposes. Turtles and many plants found shelter in our office.
    • We stand for saving electricity and therefore we propose to plan work so as to avoid night shifts for agency employees.
    • We are pleased to be able to reduce paper consumption and, whenever possible, strive to replace paper media with electronic ones. We try to print internal documents in the office on drafts.
    • We support reusable products (bags, pointers, notebooks).
    • Less garbage - less landfill. Therefore, we are in favor of minimizing any amount of garbage. In our work, we support cleaning companies that sort garbage.
    • We stand for fuel economy, therefore, we support thoughtful movements at the stage of preparation for the event. For example, we regret unproductive site inspections :)
    • Things that remain after events, we strive to dispose with benefit. We distribute T-shirts, notebooks, pens to schools or take them to collection points for assisting homeless and victims of natural disasters.

    If you are managing events and support these principles - share this page on social networks.

    Read the environmental policy here

    Your Eventum Premo

  • Requisites

    LLC "Eventum. Conferences and seminars »

    Official address - 105082, Moscow, Spartakovsky St, house 2 bld. 1, 2nd floor
    Mailing address - 105082, Moscow, Spartakovsky St, house 2 bld. 1, 2 entrance, 4th floor
    TIN 7701752869
    Gearbox 770101001
    OGRN 1077762063499 (registration date 11/06/2007, MIFNS No. 46 in Moscow)
    OKATO 45286555000

    OKPO 83227563

    OKVED 82.99

    r / s 40702810421000008122
    Central Branch of the Bank "FC Otkritie"
    k / s 30101810700000000297
    BIC 044525297

    Phone: (495) 785 84 46

    General Director A.V. Shumovich

    Chief Accountant E.S. Tchech

  • Mission

    Surprise customers and consumers, creating vivid emotional moments of unity with the brand.

  • Why us: 5 main reasons

    Choosing an event agency to implement company projects with - is an important step. Here are 5 reasons to choose our event agency:

    • We are looking for new ideas for our Clients 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This is our passion
    • We carefully preserve the experience of each project within the company. Team is our main advantage.
    • We always write the word Customer with a capital C. Quality service is what really distinguishes us
    • Our business is a solution to the problems of the Customer. We care about your business to be proud of the results together.
    • Company experience is important. Our experience in the PR and event management - more than 15 years