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Our mission is to find new ideas and solutions around the world for communication between the brand and its consumer, blurring the boundaries between online and offline.

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  • Alexander Shumovich
    Alexander Shumovich
  • Alexey Berlov
    Alexey Berlov
  • Polina Tolkacheva
    Polina Tolkacheva
  • Ekaterina Streltsova
    Ekaterina Streltsova
  • Elena Chekh
    Elena Chekh
  • Veronika Durmanova
    Veronika Durmanova
    HR Director
  • Maria Klimova
    Maria Klimova
    Motor Brands Team Leader
  • Alena Ponomareva
    Alena Ponomareva
    Team Leader
  • Alexey Mochalov
    Alexey Mochalov
    Creative director
  • Kira Tolkacheva
    Kira Tolkacheva
    Kira Tolkacheva
  • Artyom Sukhoruchenko
    Artyom Sukhoruchenko
    Team Leader
  • Eugene Babitzin
    Eugene Babitzin
    Director of business development


Do you want to become a legend, work in a creative company? Do you want to make a career among amazing people who are passionate about their work, in a company with an excellent reputation? You will find interesting tasks that require a professional and creative approach, working in a team of specialists who are always ready to help and share experience, as well as the opportunity to realize your wildest ideas.


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We are pleased to have new useful contacts, so we decided to launch our own platform for freelancers. Now, interested event pros can work with us!

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