Employer Brand

Talented people are the backbone of any agency's business. Eventum Premo takes its employer brand seriously. This is one of the priorities for our work. We closely monitor the reputation of the company and therefore take a very responsible attitude towards building relationship with employees.

In addition, we are always on the lookout for talents, and are happy to welcome new people who love their job. In return, we promise large-scale projects, challenging tasks, the opportunity to fulfill e our most daring ideas – and become a legend.


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Employer Brand Values:

  1. Consciousness - we understand what kind of business we are doing, we understand what we are doing and for what, we understand the role of the client, we understand our responsibility, are ready to hear about our merits and points of growth, we try to find out our personal motivation, which led us to this profession and will allow us to receive pleasure from her.
  2. Ambition - we are always not enough, we want to move on, we want to grow faster, overcome boundaries, move in the unknown and unexplored - this is what allows us not to get bored.
  3. Perfectionism - ideas and passion are worthless without successful implementation, we do everything in our power to deliver what we promised.