Integration S7 Airlines in Alfa Future People 2019

Project details

Festivals are an important event for music fans.
Thousands of like-minded people gather in one place to enjoy the performances of their favorite artists.


We found out right away that we had something to offer them – something more than lounging on ottomans and enjoying free merchandise. Our integration should be a journey that people will remember for a long time.”

This is the second time that S7 Airlines has collaborated with AFP. This year we have focused all our efforts on the stage, a key element of the festival. The brand presented a new bass stage from S7 Airlines at the festival: this time, it is bigger, brighter, and louder.

Scene creation
When thinking over the concept, it is important to take into account the specific parameters of a popular multi-day open-air event:

  • For many guests, this is not the first time they attend the festival, so the concept of the stage should be different from that of the last year.
  • Almost every guest of the festival films the performance with a smartphone. Photos of the stage should be taken to share on social media.
  • The stage should mesmerize the audience at any time of the day. At daytime, this was safeguarded by screens and art installations (the centerpiece); at night, we added light shows and generative graphic content.
  • The main advantage of the stage was generative content: real-time video was adjusted to the music of each artist. The technology was based on psychoacoustic sound analysis.


APHRODITE was accompanied by newspaper clippings and Charlie Chaplin, Delta Heavy immersed the audience in a cyberpunk universe, Cesqeaux told its story through comic books, and Volac's performance was illustrated by a cartoon with a developing plot.



Typically, logo transformation ideas are not supported by a customer. We were lucky that S7 Airlines was so brave and inspired that they allowed us to use the deconstruction technique. As a result, the logo flew in the spaces of other worlds, flew apart and reassembled, flickered, and took different shapes.
In addition, we were able to "brand" a significant portion of the visitors to the festival. By posting photos with the hashtag # s7stage our guests, received branded raincoats and lighted bracelets. Thus S7 Airlines got on all the instagrams of the AFP guests, accomplishing its key strategic task – to achieve a widest possible coverage.

Line-up Bass Stage by S7 Airlines
S7 Airlines contributed not only to the design of the stage, but also to what was happening on it. The brand invited Snavs, a well-known DJ in the world of electronic music from Denmark, and Volac band.
This year, for the first time in the history of the festival, the organizers offered the official opening of the Bass Stage by S7 Airlines.


  • Total coverage in company accounts - 1,092,000
  • Influencers audience reach - 7 189 200
  • Estimated coverage of publications of influencers - 2.15 million
  • The total coverage of publications is 3.25 million.
  • 2005 posts tagged with # s7stage, about 600 mentions in stories
  • Also, users actively marked S7 Airlines account in their posts and stories.
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