Philip Morris new year's Musicals

Project details

On December 9, hosted two events for Philip Morris international: an annual meeting of employees, and a Musicals-style New Year's eve. Based on the tender results, Eventum Premo was entrusted with the task of organizing these two projects.

At the business section, the year-end results were summed up, the best employees were awarded, and plans for 2012 were announced. As soon as they were through with the formalities, all participants were invited to a night club to celebrate the New Year.

The New Year's Banquet was held in the Totem Club, where the show “Musicals” with the company's employees starring unfolded. Stylish sets, a twenty-meter-long wall of LED screens and two-meter-high glowing letters above the stage created the atmosphere of a real music hall.

The main program of the evening consisted of excerpts from famous world musicals, prepared by the company's employees with some help from professionals: a director, a vocalist, and choreographers. It took them two months to prepare and to produce the performances; the result was an impressive performance on the big stage, and recognition from coworkers. The evening was opened by the President of the Company, who congratulated the employees on the New Year together with the artists of the “Chicago” show.

The “Artists” were awarded prizes and rewarded with thunderous applause, and the audience was able to take part in a lottery, a trip to the Formula 1 Grand Prix being the main prize.