Acer Place / Brand day

Project details

Acer Place with precisely defined zoning for each product category. We divided Acer products into 3 semantic and functional and product categories.
Business Zone, Lifestyle Zone, Gaming Zone

Each zone is an area of ​​Acer Place.

Zones reflect this or that side of a person’s life and emphasize that in each of these sides there is a place for technology - a place for Acer.

The event began with an interview-style conference - unusual and new for brand days. At Acer Place, the entire business part and press conference was built in such a non-standard format. The speakers sat on the stage in a circle on the bar stools. The host led a dialogue, asked speakers questions.

After that, all zones were opened and at the end of the evening Manizha came on the scene, and then played Dj Slava Gee.

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