Leroy Merlin Conference

Project details

Eventum Premo, once again, succeeded in surprising its Cuistomers by “Reinventing the wheel”. More than 900 Leroy Merlin managers came to take part in a large-scale two-day-long convention.

For the convenience of the guests, they were accommodated in the Luxury Hotel, the scene being only a few minute-long bus ride away. At the entrance to the Exhibition Center they were expected by an improvised rally of workers carrying bright posters and loud slogans that attuned them to the right wave from the very beginning. A unique round-shaped stage was built in the pavilion special for the event, for all the main performances to be held on; the employees seated on comfortable ottomans around the scene, listened to the solemn speech of Vincent Genti, the General Director of the local Leroy Merlin, who personally presented awards and memorable gifts to his colleagues. It is worth noting that dozens of speakers who were recognized experts in their professional field had been invited to the event.

A large-scale convention was dedicated to the 10th anniversary and success of the company and the “values” project, with all of the company’s employees involved in the development of the project. The event can be imagined as a kind of a company Clio that has been split into the Past, the Present, and the Future. By the way, passing through each period, the participants put the gear together in a custom-made mechanism that eventually launched the Leroy Merlin time machine into the bright and rich future.

After the award, all participants were divided into groups of 20 to take part in creating the “ideal” image of a successful employee. Also, the Leroy Merlin staff took part in an exciting quest. It is worth saying that a moderator was appointed for each department, while the quiz master gave valuable instructions and tips from the radio room throughout the event. One the tasks, e.g,, involved designing a miniature cardboard houses that exactly mimicked the company's real-life stores.

A grand gala dinner was planned for the evening of day one to provide psychological and emotional relief, which included a performance of acrobats and music groups, as well as a giant cheesecake for dessert!

Words cannot exporess the whole spectrum of positive emotions that every participant of the conference experienced, from overwhelming delight to sincere tears of joy; it is also hard to list everything that happened at the event throughout these two days that seemed truly long to the organizers, and flew past in a blink of the eye for Leroy Merlin employees. It is worth mentioning that the employees left refreshed, enthusiastic, and determined to win new victories. And such people are the pzied value of any successful and prosperous company.

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