S7 Airlines media library

Project details

The task of space is a pleasant pastime and atmosphere where you can read, work, chat, meet with colleagues or friends.

When developing the integration concept, the agency was guided by the main advantages and purpose of the media library, trying to make it more comfortable and functional.

The interior of the library was taken as the basis of the idea, where the brand was organically integrated using simple and organic materials and a warm color palette.

Since S7 Airlines is a bright and emotional brand, with the help of various design accents, the creative team unobtrusively indicated the brand’s presence in space: living plants, natural materials, simple shapes, neon signs, thematic installation, bright furniture, posters, lamps, board games, etc.

Theater employees spend most of their time in the S7 Lounge: they work, make appointments, work, and even conduct rehearsals.

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