BTL - strategy for S7 Airlines on music festivals

Project details

The team developed the GATE7 communication platform, as well as a mobile application for both development and logistics for festival integrations. The project was implemented in several stages, where all of those who participated in all of the brand activations received an opportunity to go to a music festival in Europe.
On stage one, online ticket sales for local music festivals were conducted in S7 Airlines social networks.
In addition, the GATE7 creative platform was broadcast at three summer festivals. The integration included setting up areas with activities, curating stages, shaping lineups, and issuing festival wristbands for those participating in brand activities.

The concept is to offer music festival-goers a sense of the borderline state of being one step away from life's steepest path.
The gateway, which represents an anticipation of a flight, enticing prospects, and moving forward, has become the symbol of a good beginning.
GATE7 is a symbol that unites a new generation of people who travel for a purpose, and feel part of a global festival community.

The main attraction of the brand was the mobile counter section, a dynamic installation in the shape of a gate made of moving lines and bright plastic elements being the recognizable element of it. The installation was made in such a way that, with slight modifications, it fitted naturally into the format of any of the festivals, and looked good by day and by night.

The most popular activation at the S7 Airlines stand was an interactive digital game called Gate Runner, which was played by over three thousand people. Thus, the communication component of GATE7 was significantly enhanced: the player ran through the airport to the boarding gate, gaining miles on the way to the European music festival.

This festival season, S7 Airlines also successfully impacted the visual style of the AFP scene, and diversify the line-up with foreign artists. Thanks to the airline, famous DJs Netsky and What So Not performed at one of the festivals.
The BASS STAGE by S7 Airlines at AFP successfully competed with the main stage. The stellar line-up, high-class lights, and the sound made it the most attractive bass stage in the history of the festival, and it is very difficult to win the respect and approval of the AFP music community.

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