Jazz Festival Collab

Project details

An official open-air partner, Bank Corporation has built an interactive entertainment city specifically for guests on the territory of the estate museum.The conceptual city Bank Corporation  City took center stage of the extra-music program.

“Both the location and the name of the city were not chosen by chance and are directly related to the new service format of Bank Corporation. Jazz appeared as a result of the synthesis of cultures and became music for true connoisseurs, as did Bank Corporation, which combined the best banking products and services for the convenience of a premium audience. 

In order to get into the city, visitors went through an operational check-in and received a special passport that provides privileges when visiting entertainment areas.

Newly-fledged citizens were completely immersed in the atmosphere of Bank Corporation City and could feel its basic values.
Teamwork and performance were embodied in the gaming area, where visitors took part in a variety of gaming activities: virtual competitions on the X-Box and intellectual confrontations in classic and modern board games. Respect for traditions was felt in the library, where guests devoted their time to classical literature. And the townspeople got involved in a healthy lifestyle, playing ball, frisbee, badminton, riding segways and scooters, as well as controlling a surfboard on a special simulator.

Fans of a relaxing holiday could visit the cinema “Bank Corporation City” or admire the views of the museum-estate and the performances of artists on the viewing platform, enjoying cool green drinks from the Green Bar. In a specially equipped photobus,  visitors to the festival had the opportunity to make funny photographs as a keepsake.

Once in the city, it was impossible not to feel the openness and hospitality of its residents, offering a glimpse into many urban areas. Cheerful city dwellers tried to pay special attention to each guest and immerse him in the exclusive atmosphere of a fascinating pastime and increased comfort.

The interactive city of Bank Corporation has become one of the central places of the anniversary festival. The combination of the opportunity to visit the city’s entertainment venues and get professional advice on the services of the new service has attracted thousands of visitors to the city.

It is worth noting that such partners as Microsoft, LG, Dismart, Kiteworld, Indo Board, Prime Star Restaurant Group, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles helped the bank in creating the city’s infrastructure.

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