Nutrilite Double X launch

Project details

Launch of the new Nutrilite Double X product from the legendary Nutrilite line of Amway.
The historic event was held in the presence of 3,500 Independent Amway entrepreneurs, and for the first time, Amway President Doug DeVos was present at the launch of a new product.

Among Independent Entrepreneurs, 200 Diamond NPAS and higher were particularly honored.

The Eventum Premo Agency was the operator of the launch of the new product.

The team spent two months preparing an exclusive program with professional dancers and high-quality videos. The main feature of the stage action was a precise synchronization of the dancers with the image on a huge 20-meter screen.
For each of the speakers on the stage, and these were the most striking personalities in the history of AMWAY:


  • Richard Stevens, CEO of Amway LLC
  • Mark Biderviden, Vice President and Managing Director of Amway in Europe
  • Sam Renborg, President of the NUTRILITE health Institute
  • Leonard Kim, Ambassador of the Crown-the founder of the business in Korea
  • Eva Cheng, Managing Vice President of Amway Corporation, Chairman of the Board of Amway in China
  • Doug DeVos, President Of Amway Corporation


Individual video clips were created that reflected the speaker's activity, status, and significance for the company as a whole.
A real birch grove and flower meadow were recreated in the entrance area. Guests immediately fell into an atmosphere of naturalness and solemnity. Already from afar, you could see the large letters AMWAY and the symbols of the product being launched Double X – two large x's.

The Agency has provided a system for inviting guests by pre-mailing badges. Badges were designed using barcodes to avoid lines at the check-in.

During the gathering of guests on the territory of all three floors there were various activities:

A health zone with fitness equipment and health devices, where guests could measure their blood pressure and get a summary of their overall health status. This platform was a great success with guests right up to the beginning of the main program;
A recreation area where a yoga and breathing instructor worked. Anyone could sit down on soft comfortable Ottomans and relax;
Expo-zone, where the full line of Nutrilite products was presented and professional trainers of the company spoke in detail about the benefits of medicines;

Dance master class where everyone could learn to dance under the guidance of experienced choreographers;
Augmented reality is a new activity that allows you to plunge into the interactive world: by pointing a special marker at the video camera, you could see a fountain of fruits and slogans of the event shot out of the marker and transform into images shown on the screen;
The interview area was present on every floor; guests could Express their opinion about the event, answer the interviewer's questions about their work, coworkers, the product, and the company as a whole;

The Agency also organized points of sale on the first and second floors as part of the Amway charity event. Everyone who bought a branded t-shirt or badge became a participant in the charity event. All proceeds were used to purchase a Playground for children from the orphanage.

Only a Diamond ABO was located in the third floor lobby, and the most distinguished guests of the event. During the Welcome, they also had an interview area and augmented reality, as well as a separate photo Studio with instant printing of photos.

An evening event was organized especially for VIP guests, where the President of the company spoke Doug DeVos and Dr. Sam Renborg. A section of the floor in the foyer of the third floor was designated, where a stage was built and an auditorium for 200 guests was arranged.

As anyone could write a question to Doug DeVos as part of the evening event, a special stand with question cards was arranged.

At the end of the event, guests received launch-kits comtaining information about the product and a guide to effective sales. The issuance of launch-kits was also carried out using barcodes printed on badges, which allowed to ensure impeccable logistics.

Eventually: the launch of the new product Nutrilite Double X was held at a high level, and the guests left the event inspired and determined to further improve their work performance.

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