Leroy Merlin Conference

Project details

A three-day-long event for store managers

On day one, a conference on goals for the next year was held; on the same day, during the breaks, a Fair was arranged – an exhibition from Leroy Merlin departments that are not related to Purchasing Departments (products in stores), such as marketing, sales, etc.

Days two and three – the exhibition of the Leroy Merlin company is dedicated to new collections and advancements that all of departments of the store (tiles, plumbing, water supply, electrical goods, paints, decor, hardware, carpentry, flooring, garden, kitchens, storage, building materials, lighting, tools) had made made in the whole past year.

All the guests were divided into 10 groups, which ran its own route between the stands, alternating to the sound of the gong and listening to 40-minute lectures at each of the stands.
The event was attended by 350 people.

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