Infiniti Q50 presentation

Project details

The presentation of the new Infiniti Q50 car, which started at instinctual level, took place in the park on a day off.
To be the first, to be the best, to look at the world through the eyes of the winner – the guests read the message of the event that took place on September 20, 2014 for INFINITI.
Exclusive electronic invitations were sent out in advance. Guests registered on a specially created website and chose a convenient time to take a test drive. Arriving to the park, the guests found themselves on an exclusive island, where everyone could find something to their liking. Here a large tent with panoramic windows was specially built so that you could simultaneously enjoy the scenic view around you and watch the test drive. The interior, skillful design of the tent and delicious food matched the brand.

The territory adjactnt to the tent was covered with lawn, and there was a real sitting area with soft poufs, live arborvitae, and delicious coffee. On this day, all participants saw and heard a special guest – The Curlers band. Red Bull was present at the event as a regular partner: beautiful girls handed out energy drinks. All eyes were on a Formula 1 racecar, which struck a chord with everyone – kids and adults alike.

Test drive participants were invited to the start by SMS notifications, so we were able to provide extra time to each guest. While waiting for the invitation to the test drive, the guests could join the new fashionable entertainment – Ebru, the art of creating colorful patterns by sprinkling and prushing color pigments onto a pan of oily water. While the adults were busy creating their own masterpieces, the younger guests were entertained by characters from various fairy tales. They made different handicrafts together with children and, of course, drew the new Infiniti Q50 model in all colors of the rainbow on paper. A real art object was a 17 meters long podium where Infiniti Q50, QX70 and QX80 cars were placed.

As for the guests of the event, they were interesting, successful, and hopeful young people. The Q50 presentation and the test drive itself were organized following the same principles the company is based on: the event turned out to be fashionable, dynamic, and ultra-modern.
Is it hard to be the first? That's the first question we heard during and after the event. No, firmly answers Eventum Premo. The company, which first held a presentation and test-drive the brand new car Infiniti Q50

New car + new platform = unforgettable experience!
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