SMART stand for "Afisha's Picnic"

Project details

The smart stand at the Afisha Picnic is a real city – smart city.

We created the central street of the metropolis with all the attributes of modern street culture to demonstrate how the smart blends perfectly into the surroundings of the city, how it complements the city, and how the city complements it. The stand made it possible to drink coffee, eat ice cream, take many unusual photos, participate in activities and, of course, learn more about the brand, and sign up to a test drive.

“Smart on the hot line with the city”, the concept that was embodied even insignificant elements of the scenery Chips: the stand was styled as an urban skyline with iron skyscrapers and hardtop highways; professional dancers providing the atmosphere of the near-stand “hangouts” by performing to the sounds of the vivid hip-hop hits; a real manhole from which a column of steam escaped two meter upwards; and audio installation titled “The sounds of the city ” where one could hear the sounds of the metropolis by touching areas of the frawn metropolis.

A joint project with Playtronika – a two-meter-tall ice cream cone with a puddle of melted ice cream spreading three meters around on the floor beneath it; a disco ball reflecting sunlight glare by day and emitting electric glare at night, projected onto the surroundings; a psychedelic tower with a mirror floor and ceiling, with a swing suspended in between; an unusual three-meter-tall traffic light, with the green light being on all day long; finger art where an artist literally painted your sketch on your finger, to be then photographed next to a model car for the memories – candy vehicles and car flavors in the shape of smart convertibles, a smart-by-four and a smart-by-two; giant tetris pieces to be fitted into the trunk of the smartforfour as speedy as possible to and win a portabe power bank; the coolest of the stand’s promotional staff performed improvised dances all day long.

Smart Smart Smart Smart