What do event managers do when they go to work?

Everyone knows the old story about people who carried stones. When asked, one said that he carries stones, and the second that he was building the tallest temple in Europe. Based on experience, we can say that the second worked better, because his activity was filled with meaning.

We work better if what we do has an impact on a wide range of people and things. This is one of the key motivation factors. Another story happened at one of the breweries. One person watched the conveyor for 40 years. He made sure that all bottles had corks fixed correctly. If the mount was damaged, he took the bottle and threw it into the drawer. 40 years. When asked: "How is this even possible?" He said: “Imagine a man who worked in the garden for a long time on a hot day, and then reached for beer ... but there was no cork on the bottle and there was no beer in the bottle. I work to prevent this from happening. See how important this is? ” Does the profession of event manager have such a meaning?

I think this: the event manager is a fighter against chaos. Moreover, with the most difficult chaos - chaos in the heads. Thousands of people come to one place and, thanks to the person with the right scheme in their heads, go to events. People come, see signs, register, smile, drink coffee, get acquainted, meet friends, go to the hall - participate in the event. Fakap and disorder are natural, but plan and harmony are not. Putting things together is a huge job. You do not just print the signs, but make sure that hundreds and thousands of people think at the same time, thousands and hundreds of people move in harmony with each other, and each of them gets something different.

Imagine the gigantic dance that you organized - with installers, janitors, decorators, technicians, screenwriters, designers and, ultimately, presidents. Maybe you have no time to see all the beauty of what is happening at this moment, but this beauty is definitely there. And who else but you should step aside and see the whole picture.

Do you know the theory of “broken windows”? It is proved that if one window is broken in the house and it is not repaired quickly, very soon several more will be broken in this house, then again and again. Chain reaction of chaos. No one has proven the opposite. But one can optimistically assume that order also causes a chain reaction. Leaving an event that was organized correctly, you seek harmony in other parts of your life. Circular order extends from your event. This is such an important job.