Event Marketing Trends 2023

Event Marketing Trends 2023

We create ideas and organize marketing events for 20 years. That is our passion.
Each year we try to predict what trend will shape our industry. 2023 is definitely special year.

Here are 6 trends from Eventum Premo.


1) Number of face-to-face events is rising. 3G year: Go Physical, Wild and Touch.

We would describe these year as 3G year: Go Physical (means offline meetings), Go Wild (means unexpected destinations), Go Touch (means sensual experiences as opposed to virtual ones).

- Virtual fatigue encourages to meet colleagues and clients in person. That’s why number of offline events is rising and will be rising.

-    Dispersed workforce has many advantages, but also we understand that sometimes we have to meet in person. It’s going to be fast developing category of events - internal events to emotionally connect members of the group with each other.

-    Wanderlust - desire to travel, visit places you have’t seen or haven’t visited for several years. Go Wild means go to places that are opposite to the places we spent last two years.

-    Go Touch: experience is still a luxury and new currency.

About the anticipated rise of events see trend report: article.

Event Marketing Trend 1


Event Marketing Trend 1 Event Marketing Trend 1

Event Marketing Trend 1

Event Marketing Trend 1

2) Demand for Joy

In many areas we can see a demand for joy: design, music, colors, dressing, decorations etc. We would like to pick up two examples.

Romanticizing your life

A trends that appears in the pandemic and that encourages people to appreciate life’s simple pleasure. Its is generally connected with mindfulness. It’s about transforming everyday experience into something festive and even extravagant. Article.

Dopamine dressing

It’s about wearing anything that makes you happy, that changes your mood - colorful, provocative, theme etc. It’s about anticipating a special occasion and enjoy the process of preparing for it. Article.

What about the events? Costume parties or a bright dress code.

Event Marketing Trend 2Event Marketing Trend 2

Event Marketing Trend 2

Event Marketing Trend 2

3) Immersive Experience: Online + offline

Being immersive is a still developing trend for offline and hybrid events. Digital installations and digital experience bring immersive experience into face-to-face events.

Event Marketing Trend 3Event Marketing Trend 3Event Marketing Trend 3Event Marketing Trend 3

4) Hyperlocality

The more globalization and global brands gain momentum, the more we begin to appreciate what can be found only in this place, appreciate limited editions, appreciate the style and spirit of this place.

What about the events? We use local design, sounds and cultural elements to organize events and creative concepts.

5) Everything should have its own author

The value lies in the uniqueness, in the fact that it cannot be repeated. Authorship appears in different elements of an event or campaign - "X did it". This is the development of the concept of collaboration.

6) A new collaboration format: human + neural network.

Neural networks create new opportunities for author's creativity by automating what can be automated. Neural networks expand creative possibilities by removing technical limitations.


Alexey Berlov,
Eventum Premo

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