Service Kingdom

I do not know about you, but I live in the realm of services. I don’t buy things for a long time, but buy services. Things are secondary to the service.

Appliances? Service! Delivery speed, connection speed or courtesy of staff in the store. Products? Service for their sale, delivery. Clothing? For me personally, the convenience of parking and minimizing my time to buy is the very first criterion for choosing.

Then clean services begin - repair, haircut, marketing and consulting services. And here I want to tell some short stories that have happened to me over the past couple of weeks.

Test drive a new car. I signed up to the dealer, arrived minute by minute, the manager was not there. As the secretary said: “He is with the Clients (!) On a test drive!” After 30 minutes of waiting, he left, enrolled on the road to a test with another dealer.

Cabinet assembly. The closet was brought on time, but not all. Some parts are lost somewhere. The cabinet was assembled, but, of course, not all. And he stands, half assembled. Call and find out where the rest has not yet been possible. Although each time the girl the telephone operator diligently writes down my phone number.

Repairs. The company completed the repair, there were small trifles that were postponed a bit due to my absence. The agreement, however, was closed. Since then, the "little things" have remained in the same condition.

Carpet in the dry cleaning. According to the plan should be ready on the 20th. 19 I pass by and ask if tomorrow will be ready? They answer me: “Maybe, maybe not. Anything can happen. Cars break down. Traffic jams".

It can be summarized that a mess reigns in the realm of services. Most likely, a bigger mess than in many more noisy and more obvious markets. Type of construction and minibuses. You can attribute everything to national characteristics, but I do not believe in them. What do all these companies have in common?

They have a common planning horizon. They all do not believe that they will exist even after 5 years, let alone 10, 20, 50 or 100. All these companies live today and tomorrow at most. None of them build a company with a century of history. None of them can even imagine that this is possible. They do not have such an option among possible business plans. This unites them.

Therefore, one dissatisfied customer is not scary. After all, next time I will not order something from them soon, which means that it is not interesting. Imagine a company with a horizon of 50 years? Any customer can come back and buy more, let it be in 2 years or 5 years or 20. I have to work so that I have orders now and in a decade.