Oxytocin - a hormone of love and ... events

Our business strategy, if very briefly, is Love. And now we decided to tell you why it happened. It has a deeply scientific foundation.

Oxytocin is sometimes called the "hormone of love" or the "hormone of hugs." When it stands out, the level of our criticality decreases and the level of trust increases. When we are in love, the level of oxytocin rises sharply. Oxytocin helps us stay true to one person.

Another source of oxytocin is communication in a group where all participants are perceived as “their own” by some characteristic (for example, working in one company or adherence to one brand).

In this case, the level of criticality and mistrust also decreases, we tend to accept and agree more with the opinions of other members of the group, we also tend to become attached to this group in the long term.

The most striking embodiment of this communication is, of course, events. If you draw parallels with the state of love, then this is an analogue of a date. The culmination of expectations, conversations and fantasies. Everything else depends on how it passes, in what relations you will be next. With your company or brand organizer.

Therefore, when we get to a good event, we feel a little in love.

And by the way, recent studies have proven that social networking also provokes the release of this hormone.