Not obvious secrets about creativity

For the past few years, I have been in charge of the creative wing in the company. And during this time, probably several hundred creative meetings took place. Many of them led to the birth of ideas that were embodied in super projects.

And here are a few reasons why sometimes it turns out, and sometimes not so.

1. The potential difference in the group.
People with different experiences, different backgrounds and competencies, different temperaments have more creative chances.

2. The lack of fear of public expression.
Ideas cling to each other. They are not so often born in the head of one person. Rather, one idea of ​​how a burdock catches a burdock in the head of another, together they find another brother in the head of the third. And this lump is growing and gives satisfaction. The joy of working together and understanding that you won’t do it alone.

3. Limitations.
Creativity in space without limits leads to the appearance of often ridiculous but inoperative decisions. Limitations - the amplifier of creativity. The more complex and subtle the task, the better ideas are born. We like to work to the limit. The limitations are - project features, timelines, customer knowledge, information about past projects, technical feasibility. If the creative does not work, very often you just need to narrow the task, set the scope.

4. Good creators believe in the power of ideas and words.
They may not admit to you, but they know exactly what rules the world. They are all Platonists and secretly believe in Plato's famous cave myth. People are sitting in a cave, chained so that they can not turn to the light. In the light, other people carry different things, while we, sitting below, see only shadows on the wall. Our task is to get as close as possible to that very idea, to open it. After all, everything else is a matter of technology.

5. Emotions.
You must be ready to give. This is possible when your emotional state is in the black. When you have excess. So it’s useful for a creative a) to arrange his personal life well, b) to have the right hobbies, and c) to play sports. You need to choose 2 out of 3 at least.