Love of communication and Ferrari

I am worried about the candidates who at the interview say they like to communicate with people. Our work is such, it is believed that in the event business this is useful. People are social beings, we communicate all the time. But if it is perceived as an advantage ... I have a strange feeling.

- Hi, let's meet. There are a couple of things to discuss.
- Hi. Come on!
- And when?
“Maybe next Tuesday?”
- Good. And where?
- Well, somewhere in the center
- well! At what time?

One who instead of one email with a question or solution to the problem writes ten, gradually moving towards the result. Anyone who loves lengthy meetings without decisions. Who speaks more than he does, because he speaks all the time. Communication is a process, not a result. This is not an action, it is only a preparation for action. In business, this means a loss of pace.

There is one more reason. Those who wear jackets or caps with the Ferrari logo do not usually ride a Ferrari. They want to ride a Ferrari. And those who have it just drive. Those who say that they love to communicate with people would like to communicate, but probably it doesn’t work out. Otherwise, why talk about it?

So those who report that “loves to communicate with people” make me wary.

Maybe I'm a sociopath?