IMEX summary

May 24-26, we were at the IMEX exhibition in Frankfurt.
The exhibition is dedicated to the incentive market and the organization of events in general.

We went there to find out how European event organizers live. And here's the thing.

- Europeans pay a lot of attention to various technologies of involving conference participants. About 10 different options for voting panels were presented for the participants! From the simplest (only numbers) to high-tech (you can not only click on numbers, but also write messages with questions, watch slides or videos, even use as a microphone ...).

- The words "interactive" and on-line and you hear it very often. I liked the original Swiss development, which allows you to automatically write video with a speaker and immediately synchronize the picture with slides. The finished single file can be uploaded to the site: on the left there will be a video screen, on the right - a presentation

- Soundproof curtains. You pull black dense fabric onto the farms, close it in a circle and ... There is no complete silence, but the difference is significant: you can hardly hear a noisy exhibition.

- If we talk about global trends, then the keywords are "interactivity", "optimization" and "event around the participant." The latter means that it is often more important for a participant how much to go to the table with catering, how much to stand in line at the registration, or how long to wait for coffee to pour, than the steepness of the speaker or the proposed concept of the event.

We will tell you more about IMEX, new technologies in the field of event organization, and how Porsche is actually assembled at the next business breakfast. Follow the site and subscribe to the news.