I am an event manager!

Event Marketing Agency in Dubai
  • I am an event manager. I’m a telepath and for your presentation I’ll guess the budget that your CEO is willing to spend, but doesn’t tell anyone about it.
  • I am an event manager. I always have all the things that you forgot - umbrellas, adapters for all outlets, spare charges for all mobile phones and laptops. Wires and adapters for your Mac or PC, I always carry the set of software you need with me. Yes, I have the latest Final Cut Studio, so you can easily tweak your presentation
  • I am an event manager. In 15 minutes I can write a project report and a proposal for a tender, TK for contractors and a script for calling, interview 10 promiks promikov and answer 15 calls. For me it's boring Tuesday.
  • I am an event manager. I know all the sites in any city in the world. I know about it, even if you vaguely recall how last year you accidentally passed by and you liked that site. Yes, I know the site as in that film, it is even better and inexpensive.
  • I am an event manager. Yes, it is I who am responsible for the freshness of the products, the tension in the city network, drunk employees, PMS waitresses, traffic jams, weather, the work of your provider and mobile operator, the punctuality of your CEO, the exchange rate and the state of the national economy.
  • I am an event manager. Of course, I will persuade the site to drop the rental price on the last working Friday of the year. I will do this even at the end of November.
  • I am an event manager and I am patient. I am ready to wait for your decision for months, and then at night, counting hours and minutes, to realize everything that was promised as soon as possible and at the lowest price.
  • I am an event manager. I can save you money. If you somehow didn’t really like the fireworks, I’m ready to persuade the contractor to drop the price for the service that I paid last month, and you are considering paying in the next quarter.
  • I am an event manager. Don't bother telling me the dates and number of people for your event. I already ordered everything for you, using my magic crystal ball, even before you open your mouth.
  • I am an event manager. I have a university degree in finance, PR, marketing, management, IT and computer security, civil engineering, psychology, screenwriting and I am fluent in the native language of your investors.
  • I am an event manager. I am never offended if I spent 2 weeks preparing a proposal, wrote 5 concepts and found 10 hotels for you, and you changed your mind or decided to host the event yourself, according to the concepts kindly provided. And I never gloat, then reading funny reports about these events.
  • I am an event manager. I love creativity and therefore I love tenders, which invite 15 agencies and therefore the company does not have time to meet with any of them. I also like honest tenders, where the best companies are those that have done everything for you before, because "somehow you do not trust new companies."
  • I am an event manager. I am an honest person who keeps his word. And I do not take offense at those who can change their minds and change the task three times in half an hour.
  • I am an event manager. I will find an artist whom your whole company loves, but no one remembers his name. It’s enough just to lightly sing me three or four notes.
  • I am an event manager. I will persuade the restaurant to just let your familiar catering. You correctly guessed that they all love free weekends.
  • I am an event manager. It’s obvious to me that when you named the amount, VAT was already included in it and your internal exchange rate was U.E.
  • I am an event manager. My wife and children like that they call me at night, that I go on business trips and walk the streets with cash.
  • I am an event manager. I can easily find a sponsor for any of your events. If you need to save on something, it’s best, on my fee.
  • I am an event manager and I understand how important postpay is for motivation. Therefore, if your accounting department delays payment, I easily credit your marketing and entertainment without bank interest for any amount.
  • I am aware that your company is very large and it will demolish my agency from the face of the earth. I will not find work in this country anywhere else.
  • I am an event manager. Of course, I remember all the participants in your event, their position, that blonde and respectable uncle whose last name began with the letter G.
  • I am an event manager. No problem finding a Japanese translator for you, an armored minibus, 100 branded flash drives tomorrow morning or a couple of friends of very fashionable and very inexpensive artists today, in a couple of hours.
  • I am an event manager. I don’t need to ask 1000 people at the end of the day not to eat until your leader speaks
  • I am an event manager. All the concepts that I come up with for you are non-standard, exclusive and enchanting. Yes, you can easily transfer it to another agency, I will not be offended.
  • I am an event manager. Yes, my job is to have fun, chat with the "stars" and hang out at all sorts of interesting events.
  • I am always calm, fit, competent, smiling, disinterested and honest, I express sympathy, console, cajole, sing, dance, joke and come up with something for you

    ... And all because I am an event manager !!!