How Internet changes events

The fact that the Internet in general and social networks in particular is changing our behavior does not speak only lazy. So traditional events are gradually starting to recede into another world. And the contour of a new generation of events is only emerging.

The post replaced us with a book, video clips that we can watch to the end were reduced from 10 to 1 minute, letters were transformed into infographics, a passive lecture was transformed into an interactive one.

So what are we used to:
a) instantaneous event - everything important happens right here and now,
b) interactivity of the world around us,
c) we value brevity - short text, short video,
d) even learning, we want to have fun,
e) the brink between the digital and the real erased,
f) the latter is digital detox, the popularity of anti-digital hobbies or event formats is growing.

What activities will we do?

Fast and concise. Short speeches, new formats of events that last 3-4 hours instead of 6-7.
They will have even more videos. People do not know how to speak as well and effectively as this video clip does. Already now often the video does not just complement, but replaces the performance.

The speaker "comes to life" during the question-answer session.
Various formats of gamification, when the process of training or discussing business issues becomes a game.

Paradoxically, this is the time of the show. To tear off the guests of the event from their gadgets, you just need a show that will carry the communication you need.
Interactivity through voting and any other integration of the audience into the event itself, in its content. In a different video, guests become co-creators of your event. Under your strict control, of course.

About digital detox sometime next time.

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