Halloween от Eventum Premo

One of the most mystical western holidays, Halloween, has already become so fond of in Eventum Premo that we decided to keep up with the latest trends! Fortunately, the "festive" stocks of the company for organizing events allow you to fully imbue the spirit of any holiday. We could dress up in the youth of the 50s, secret services, clowns ... but in anyone! After all, you can find almost any surroundings here - from pencils and balloons to colored wigs and golf balls. But still Halloween ...

In America, it is a holiday when children in different costumes beg for sweets from neighbors shouting “Trick or treating!”, The streets are filled with variegated monsters, candles burn in the windows in pumpkin lamps. By the way, these pumpkin heads are called “Jack's lamps”, in honor of one cunning American Jack who deceived the devil and after death did not go to heaven or hell, but wandered around the world with a pumpkin instead of a head and a candle instead of burning eyes.

But, we decided not to start with lamps, but with reincarnation as evil. The general fun throughout the holiday was preceded by an equally interesting and fascinating process of preparing and transforming live and very nice event and PR managers into symbols of All Saints Day.
The result - Dracula, a nurse, several dead brides and ballerinas, a catwoman, a dead sailor, a policeman and an escaped prisoner. And most importantly - a lot of fun and strengthening the corporate spirit.
Happy holiday!