Extra Mile*

Extra Mile * is a curious idea. Everyone finds something in her. For some, this is just an idiom, an example of English-speaking wit. Something far from our daily lives.

For others, the motivation is to move on. Run in the morning not 10 km, as planned, but 11, or even 12. Learn another language. Read another chapter of a complex book. Extra Mile is an over-effort above the norm, an opportunity to overcome oneself. Something athletic.

And for someone, Extra Mile is a challenge! The ability to not just do more, but to do an incredible thing. Implement a project that is beyond the power of competitors. To catch up in unrealistic terms. To propose not just a good idea, but an idea-bullet that will not leave a chance to “squeeze” it. Extra Mile is a delight, a killer argument.

For any successful agency, the idea of ​​Extra Mile is vital. This is what our Clients are waiting for - super-efforts, super-service, super-ideas, super-solutions. The ability to get together and make more than the norm, the ability to set the most ambitious goal and accept this challenge.

And for some, Extra Mile is a boring Thursday :)

- GO THE EXTRA MILE - do more than formally required; do your best /