Events of the future. Business breakfast. Soon

Dear colleagues!

Event managers, marketing directors, advertising and PR directors, we are happy to invite you to a very unusual business breakfast. Morning of Monday, April 26, at the FBR Hall club, we will discuss with you what events will be in the future, what event management will become in the future. What events will be fashionable to do in 2 years? And after 5 or 10?

Key points for discussion:

Consumer and marketing trends in recent years
The impact of Internet technology on society and marketing. Event information support: social networks, blogs, event website, video
From technology to emotions
Interactivity of events: is an event possible without organizers?
The disappearance of hard event formats: “I want everything at once!” (c) Customer
From “listening and watching” to “creating, discussing, communicating”: the task of the event is not to sell, but to form a group of loyal fans, the task is to establish horizontal connections, provoke communication, exchange of opinions
Discussion of examples of outstanding events in a new format
The impact of technology on business events: interactivity, content generated by participants
Virtual events
Modern technologies at the event: 3D, interactive walls, control and monitoring of participants
Organizational moments

We are waiting for you on Monday, April 26, at 9:30. A business breakfast will last until 11:00. Accreditation is required. Please contact Artem Sukhoruchenko by phone: + 7-495-7858446 or by e-mail: Venue: new club FBR Hall, BC North Tower, Testovskaya 10. Website:
Please note that breakfast is limited.

Alexey Berlov, Alexander Shumovich, partners of Eventum Premo, authors of the book “Mix, but do not shake. Recipes for organizing events. ” Want to speak? Talk about new technology? Show your presentation? Email us: