Event.Ru magazine

Colleagues, I want to talk about our news. We decided to establish a partnership with Event.ru magazine. I have always respected this magazine. And now Event.Ru decided to update, the magazine team invited the leaders of event-agencies, including Eventum Premo, to cooperate. Each issue will have its own editor who selects the theme of the issue. It so happened that the first issue of the updated magazine was entrusted to me, Alexander Shumovich, to prepare.

And I, as the duty editor, decided that the magazine should be humane. Therefore, I chose the story of people who inspire us as the main theme of the issue. The material is now being prepared, I will inform you of the details later (who are interested, you can tell who will be discussed) And now, I highly recommend using the opportunity and advertising in it. Prices are nice. By the way, our magazine advertisement will also be.

The magazine has changed and expanded its audience. The magazine will be received by about 4 thousand specialists - customers of events, marketing directors, brand managers, HR directors of large companies. In 2011, 6 issues of Event.Ru magazine will be released. I really want to make the magazine interesting. To miss him. To wait. I hope we do something super-duper. Well, new partnership offers for the magazine are also welcome! Write and call the editor! T +7 (495) 745 0633