Agencies strive to receive awards of significant awards for several reasons - this is increasing brand awareness, confirming experience among customers, and recognition of professionals, as well as an additional driver to enhance the morale of the team! And finally, it's just nice)

We love receiving awards (we already have more than 65 Russian and international awards in the field of event marketing) and decided to analyze our rich struggle for awards and prizes and share the secrets of success.

1 / Make an informed choice
Not every award is suitable for any business and project. It’s important to choose prizes that celebrate exactly the job in which you excel. It is necessary to carefully study the evaluation criteria and choose those prizes and nominations in which your projects will be demonstrated from the winning side.

2 / Start small
Of course, the soldier who does not dream of becoming a general is bad, but it’s better to start collecting his first stars with small bonuses, for example, inside Russian associations. Victory in new events can also be given quite easily - as a rule, until the prize is widely known, there are fewer competitors and more chances to win. If you have never previously fought for rewards and made the only bet on the Top event, it’s better not to risk it - it’s better to “fill up cones” not in the most crucial fights.

3 / Devil is in the details
Before you start writing your first application, read and then re-read the filling rules twice, watch a video with recommendations, be sure to study the winners and finalists of past years. There are many nuances that need to be considered when drawing up successful applications for awards, for example, the number of words and symbols, the language of captions in the reporting video.

4 / Make recommendations
Come super carefully to filling out the block with recommendations, it is important not only to indicate the name of the company and contact person, but also to make sure that the employee is still working, check the relevance of the phone and mailing address, and also to obtain consent for a potential call from the organizers of the awards.

5 / Leave time for double-check
Do not fill out questionnaires on the very last day, because it is extremely important not only to make an excellent project, prepare an excellent video, but also correctly present your agency, event and team. Let your colleague read the completed application - so you can understand how clear the presentation is, check for errors. There is nothing worse than receiving a refusal due to an annoying typo made in a hurry, leave yourself at least a day to once again calmly review everything, 100% you will want to improve something.

Here are the main secrets - now it remains to wait for recognition and victories!