Dogs & Cats

Times change and change in an amazing way. However, if you think about it, they change quite naturally.

We all read books about business and customer service written in the late 80s and 90s. The fact that the client is always right, that good service is when service companies try to please and indulge the consumer in everything. And we are somehow used to this state of affairs. The agency was the customer’s best friend - “we will be happy if he wants a green color for the banner, but if he asks, we will also supply red. And if necessary, we will change more and more until the customer is satisfied. ” Any whim, if only paid.

Agencies with dog devotion looked at the wishes of the customer, trying to guess his mood and desires. Professionalism was to deftly serve. Employees who were not ready to obey the customer were fired.

But times have changed. Customers come and go, and good, skilled employees are hard to grow and dismiss too expensive, in which case. Agencies have noticed this. Talented employees began to be appreciated more. And the employees became ... like cats. They are chic, beautiful and stylish. But they can no longer simply be forced, they can only be carried away. If the project is interesting - they will give all the best, showing miracles of dexterity. But if the project is so-so, a spark will not light in their eyes. If forced to do something that they don’t like, they will snort and simply leave. Fortunately, there are many places to realize creative ambitions. This happened not only in agencies. The best employees, like cats that need to be caressed and praised, are in banks, software companies, in IT and telecom, in HR and in science. In the event business, this also became very noticeable, became a mass phenomenon.

Perfectionism does not tolerate a commanding tone, but loves ambitious tasks. And so, large agencies behave just like their employees. And that means - like cats. If too little time has been allocated to the tender - it is not suitable, a letter with a refusal flies in response. The cat purrs and waits for prey more interesting. If the task is too banal, if the conditions are too consumer, it’s not interesting.

For talented people to take up the project, it must tease their pride, arouse curiosity, inspire. Now this is a key condition for a successful project. And now the agency will not make an ugly banner, will not work with a stupid director, just because he’s someone else’s friend, he won’t grab any project that has failed.

The professionalism of agencies is now to make the project excellent, insisting on their own, defending a good idea. And customers have to trust or hire someone simpler, just performers. Not only customers choose agencies at the tender. But agencies also choose those tenders of customers that may interest them. This is the new reality. And, if you think about it, this is very natural.