About reductions

In the past couple of years, we have participated in several event reductions. They can be organized extremely cleverly or extremely stupidly.

How to do smart?
The company holds a tender and selects a supplier - an agency with a good idea, a reputation responsible for the quality of work. In general, the best agency is selected. After that, a reduction is carried out and all agencies reduce their price to their minimum. After that, the company can conclude a contract with the agency that provides the best quality, at the lowest possible price.

Unfortunately, the reductions are stupid. The company holds a tender and invites agencies that compete in their own unscrupulousness for reduction.

It goes something like this:

* Reduce food from 3000 r per person to 2000 r (ok, instead of canapes there will be meat salad, fewer waiters). Those who care about quality are already dropping out. They will be ashamed to look people in the eye, so already a stop machine, we are against adventures.
* Reduce from 2000 to 1000 (ok, instead of salad there will be boiled potatoes. Without waiters)
* The next stage is from 1000 to 500 (instead of potatoes - white bread. Hee-hm, it will be funny)
* The next stage is from 500 to 300 r (compound feed is needed, or what? Well, okay! Why take care of employees more than the customer himself).

So, who is winning the reduction?

Now, having received an invitation to a reduction, we write a polite wording. Something like this:

Dear colleagues!

Our company policy is focused on providing the highest quality services. Unfortunately, this cannot be combined with the provision of services at the lowest price. For this reason, we decided not to participate in tenders, where price reduction is the main or essential factor in winning the tender. Thus, we are not interested in participating in electronic bidding for this project