About future and business

About the picture of the future and business.
Somehow I pulled myself into the hall and a mini-inspiration happened to me. I pulled myself up 10 times and stopped. I think that I can’t get up again, appeared earlier than I decided. I can not do it.

It will be a picture of the future. It’s not that you imagine, visualize the future, and it somehow comes true. I believe that this is absolute bulshit and magical thinking.

The scheme is a bit more complicated. The picture of the future structures the whole world. You can support yourself, hang out on the spot, or swim somewhere. In the second case, much more buzz and a number of other advantages.

It would seem simple. But there is one caveat.

If in the future I have pictures of the future, simply not. Basically, if you have a demand for “your future”. The famous story about “what would you do if you didn’t have to work” leads to horror. If you want to ask about the future business, then there will be “more money”, “charity” and “expansion”. This is not a picture of the future, it is the present.

Now about simple practical conclusions from this scheme.
Not really bothering yourself with argumentation.

* People with a picture of the future win almost always.
* These people are few. Competition, frankly, is not very high.
* They are trying to cut, grab on the little things, win this particular debate, even value relationships, get into a row at the last moment and so on. In this situation, everything is in order. You understand that he lost.
* People often don’t have their own picture of the future, because they had to admit that you won’t be able to do everything at once, you need to choose one life scenario, maximum 2, well, in the worst case 3.
* In general, choose one option, you kill everyone else, This opportunity cost. You don’t lose everything at all.
* The picture of the future is not a forecast. A reliable forecast and follow it. Accordingly, any picture is individually. This is not a guarantee, but a way to structure your reality.
* Brands and companies that sell their picture of the future usually win. Especially now.
* It cannot be that you hate someone. Alas.
* If you do not use this picture of the future, you are using someone else's. Employer, brands, friends, politicians.

They can and should be changed from time to time. In Eventum Premo, we have changed it for me 3-4 times for 15 years and have changed it radically. We can change when we get there.

This is the most fun.

Partner of Eventum Premo Agency Aleksey Berlov