About constancy

There are a million things that you can say "the hardest part is ...".

For example, it is often said that the most difficult thing is to think. And others say the hardest part is to change. From time to time, someone says that the most difficult thing is to come up with something new. Or, for example, refuse sweets or do exercises every morning.

In the category of “most difficult” I give the first place to constancy. And this is especially true when we talk about the professional services market, about event management, about PR.

If you work in a car factory, then your personal inconstancy will quickly become noticeable. For example, all cars will go off the assembly line without side mirrors or without a steering wheel. And you will be fired immediately.

In the case of the service sector, you can for some time not do your work, do not press your conditional button, without a visible result. Although, of course, your virtual machines will go off the assembly line without mirrors or without a steering wheel.

Since no robot can check the configuration of your virtual car, the control system should be even larger than in the case of the factory. And how to make such a system is a big question for everyone in the service sector.

One of the best ways is to translate your actions into numbers. Numbers is your robot. He will tell you what you did not do or did, but not enough. The numbers allow you to visualize the service.

The second is to train basic skills and reactions. But not basic reactions to train using principles.

The third is an internal PR campaign in defense of constancy. It is no secret that he often has the image of something boring and not creative. In the end, doing something that almost no one around does is always cool. Not constant being cool, I think, in Japan. And here it is.