Wedding in Dubai. Prices

The cost of a wedding in Dubai can vary greatly depending on various factors such as the number of guests, choice of venue, level of luxury, organizer's services, catering, decorations and other factors. Kutej Agency can help you with organizing a wedding from 400 thousand dirhams (about 100 thousand dollars). 

Dubai has many luxury wedding venues such as hotels, restaurants, beach clubs and even yachts.

Here are a few common aspects that can affect the cost of a wedding in Dubai:

  1. Venue: Choosing popular venues or luxury hotels can affect the overall cost.
  2. Number of guests: The more guests, the higher the cost of the banquet, refreshments, chairs and other favors.
  3. Level of Luxury: Decorations, colors, flowers and other elements can vary greatly in price depending on the level of luxury and details.
  4. Organizing Services: If you hire a professional to organize the wedding, their fees will also affect the overall cost.
  5. Professional services: For example, photographers, videographers, makeup artists and stylists.
  6. Transportation and accommodation: If you are inviting guests from other countries, the cost of transportation and accommodation should also be considered.
  7. Extras: Entertainment programs, fireworks, bands, decorations and other extras can add to the cost.

Generally, weddings in Dubai can cost anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars or even more, depending on the factors listed. Prices can also vary depending on the time of year and the popularity of specific venues.

It is best to contact our local representative for accurate cost information:
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