The modern corporate world is full of creativity, and many companies are improving their game when it comes to corporate events. Non-traditional activities such as scavenging, themed parties and interactive workshops are becoming increasingly popular as a way to engage employees and create a sense of camaraderie. In this article, we will look at some of the most unusual corporate events around the world and the benefits they can bring to business.


1. Scavenging

Scavenging is becoming a popular choice for corporate events because it's fun and exciting. Participants can search for items, complete tasks and compete in teams. For example, in London, Wild goose organizes an interactive digital scavenger hunt, during which participants go on a tour of the city, completing tasks and finding hidden objects. The event also includes a quiz to test the team's knowledge of the city. Such events are great for team building and encourage friendly rivalry.

2. Theme parties

Theme parties are a great way to break the ice and bring some fun to the workplace. For example, a company in Australia called "The Event Team" organizes corporate parties with themes such as "Tiki Takeover" and "Carnivale'. These themed events are a great way to get employees and customers to socialize and have a good time.

3. Interactive seminars

Interactive seminars are a great way to train employees and entertain them at the same time. For example, the company "Muse" organizes workshops where participants learn about the history of the city in which they are located, as well as take part in interactive games and team-building activities. These activities can be adapted to any budget and can be a great way to encourage employees.

4. Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities are becoming increasingly popular for corporate events as they provide employees with a unique way to get close and have fun in nature. For example, the Truffle Dog company organizes corporate scavenger hunts in the wilderness, during which participants must complete tasks and search for hidden objects.


Corporate events are also a great way to reward employees and build relationships with customers.  From scavenging in the city to cooking classes in the kitchen - there are many unique corporate events that can be adapted to any budget or type of organization.