FAQ for Providers

  • How to become a supplier/contractor of your agency?

    We are one of the largest agencies on the market, we are among the TOP 50 event agencies in the world.

    In this regard, our interests are extensive and unusual. If you want to become a new Eventum Premo supplier, you need
    to send a description/presentation of your service/product to go@eventum-premo.com

    Which suppliers are we interested in:

    • New event spaces, event venues 
    • Offers from technical contractors
    • Proposals from artist managers / bloggers
    • Catering services
    • Photo and video shooting services
    • Event Decor offers

    We will consider your proposals and if they meet the needs of our customers, we will contact you and discuss financial and other conditions.

    Thank you. We will be glad to co-operate.