Oriflame Megaforum & Banquet

Project details

Two unique events for Swedish company Oriflame, celebrating the anniversary.
Both events brought together more than 8,000 people. It was our task to hold a business event by arranging the Oriflame MegaForum that hosted 5,000 participants, and a gala evening reception of the Oriflame Directors Banquet hosting 3,000 participants. The particulars of the task were that those events are held annually and the audience is largely stable. Guests had already seen many scenic and artistic decisions, so there were a number of elements of the program and performances to be left unchanged. With a common baseline, the organizers were to present the event in a new light, to captivate, and to impress the audience.

To create a WOW effect, the organizers created a unique stage set. Unlike previous projects, where the main action was focused on a vibrant scene, this time the focus was on the guests who were placed inside the scenery; hence, the idea of building a giant circular screen around the perimeter, and a long podium down to the middle of the hall with an additional stage in the center. The scenography for such technical solutions was very different from the classical ones; therefore, so the development of the program and direction of the event, and suitable video illustrations for panoramic screens was the hardest of the preparatory stages.

The panoramic screen made it possible to broadcast several key messages at once: the technology of the company, a wide horizon of opportunities, the opportunity to be with the company anywhere, the special, central role of representatives for Oriflame. A few figures: 5,000 participants (MegaForum) 3,000 guests (Directors' Banquet) 720 staff members, 500 kW lighting, 432 videos, 262 meters projection, 360 degrees screens, 254 artists, 250 kg of confetti, 200 suspension points, 96 hours of installation, 60 kW of sound, 51 agency team, 30 projectors, 8 star performers, 5 days without sleep, 3 tons of food, and 1 proposition on stage! The customer liked the idea, as it corresponded to Oriflame's philosophy.

The directors placed the participant not in front of the stage, but in the very center of what was happening. As in Oriflame’s business, the focus of the company’s attention was on entrepreneurs. Solution For the Oriflame MegaForum, the concept of EXPO was chosen. The territory of dreams. Traveling between various futuristic pavilions of the mega-exhibition, the participants got acquainted with the business areas and products of the company. On the panoramic screens appeared the exterior and interior of the pavilions dedicated to ecology, beauty, new products, innovations, and more.

Ray-shaped theater seating arrangements allowed all participants to see what was happening on the stage, and to monitor the video presentations on the screen. For the Oriflame Directors Banquet, the room was converted into a banquet seating overnight. In the concept of the evening event, the numbers and video illustrations were associated with important phenomena: sports, ballet, art, traditional patterns, folk dances and, of course, communication with the most successful Oriflame entrepreneurs.

Also, for each event, different exhibition areas were prepared representing Oriflame products and company values.

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