IDRF 2020

Project details

IDRF is an annual offline e-commerce forum. This year participants and speakers discussed the main changes in online retail market. They studied cases of top marketplaces (OZON, Yandex.Market, Wildberries, etc.) and discussed how to work in covid-new reality.

A task

One month before the event when the forum was planned to be offline and online, no strict quarantine was introduced. Security measures were stepped up and in the end it was decided to completely switch to online. This was our first experience in holding a large-scale digital event.

The event was successfully held on Zeen, our online event platform.

Why Zeen?

- Customization of the interface and platform functionality

- Lots of tools for working and keeping the audience's attention: voting opportunities, polls, posting quotes from the speech of speakers, commentators to engage viewers in the dialogue



Technically it wasn’t easy to combine more than 60 speakers on one platform and it took a lot of time. We provided everyone with a broadcast kit: branded background, webcam and light and adapters for wired internet to get a more stable connection.

In cooperation with the "Glagol" bureau the preparation of speakers was carried out. Taking into account the specifics of speaking in front of an online audience in the form of a series of master classes on how not to get lost during a presentation and be able to explain, convince and inspire.


Online is a fundamentally new experience, and therefore it is important to pay attention to the psychology and needs of the user. We’re about to keep attention and give the opportunity to communicate with speakers and other participants. To do this, we have carefully worked out the engagement block and added many activities. At the same time, 5 parallel streams were conducted, like different conference rooms, with speeches by speakers, workshops, start-up pitching sessions and panel discussions.


We managed to:

involve 7000 participants from 2000 companies

attract 61 speakers from 4 countries

hear 28 startups

present 9 E-Retail Tech Award

get more than 265,000 views of the VK event stream

It can be concluded that the following tools actually work in online events:

opportunity to ask a question to the speaker

the ability to rewind the broadcast to any place

the opportunity to immediately "make friends" with the speakers in the social. networks

entertaining content, even at a business event

the ability to "upgrade" the ticket right during the event to expand the functionality and get additional privileges

online bars and other networking opportunities