Professional turnkey event management services from Eventum Premo. Organization of business and entertainment events. Organization and holding of events of any format and scale. A large selection of artists, presenters, venues, scripts and ideas.

Dubai has a thriving events industry, with numerous venues and companies specializing in event organization. The Dubai World Trade Centre and Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre are popular venues for large-scale events, while smaller events can be held in hotels, resorts, and other function spaces. To organize an event in Dubai, you will need to obtain the necessary permits and licenses, book a venue, hire a catering company, and arrange for audio-visual and lighting equipment. You may also need to hire a team of professionals to manage the logistics of the event, including security, registration, and signage. Additionally, you should consider engaging the services of a marketing and communications agency to help promote the event and ensure its success.

In November 2022, the communication market of UAE will be replenished with another participant. The agency Eventum Premo opens its representative office in Dubai, which specializes in organizing events and spatial communications services.

Eventum Premo was founded in 2003. Among the agency's clients are such companies as Bacardi, Oriflame, Mercedes-AMG, Volkswagen, E&Y, KPMG, Amway and others.

The choice of UAE as an "expansion region" is not accidental, the agency says. At the current stage, the prospects are obvious not only because of economic factors, but also from the point of view of openness to bold conceptual solutions and bright projects, Eventum Premo is confident.

The tasks that Eventum Premo MENA sets for the development of the local event industry. In addition to organizing large-scale events, it is planned to implement projects in the field of event education: professional seminars, trainings, round tables.

The head of the representative office will be Artem Minasyan, who has extensive management experience in the field of marketing communications (including event and digital marketing) and a number of successfully implemented projects in his portfolio.

Organizing events in Dubai requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure everything runs smoothly. Some additional factors to consider when organizing events in Dubai include:

  1. Cultural considerations: Dubai is a culturally diverse city, so it's important to be respectful of local customs and traditions when planning an event.

  2. Regulations: Dubai has strict regulations regarding alcohol consumption and dress codes, so it's important to be aware of these when planning an event.

  3. Weather: Dubai has a hot and humid climate, so it's important to plan for this when organizing outdoor events.

  4. Transportation: Dubai has a well-developed transportation network, but it's important to consider the logistics of getting attendees to and from the event venue.

  5. Technology: Dubai is a technologically advanced city, and many events incorporate the latest technology in their planning and execution.

Overall, Dubai offers a wealth of opportunities for event organizers, but it's important to work with experienced professionals to ensure the success of your event.

"Gulf economy is developing rapidly, private sector profits are growing. This means that the corporate culture and the need of companies to expand the tools of communication with customers and their own employees are growing. In such a context, event is not a whim or fun, but a really working communication mechanism that can increase not only the prestige of the organization, but also its profitability," commented Mr. Minasyan.

To make the most of the opportunities in Dubai, event organizers can consider the following steps when planning events:

  1. Define the purpose and goals of the event: This will help to determine the type of event that is needed, the audience it will attract, and the resources required to execute it.

  2. Choose a suitable venue: Dubai has a range of event venues to choose from, including indoor and outdoor spaces. Event organizers should consider factors such as size, location, and accessibility when choosing a venue.

  3. Hire a professional event management company: These companies have the experience and expertise to handle the logistics and coordination of events. They can help with everything from venue selection to event promotion and registration.

  4. Create a detailed event plan: This plan should include timelines, budgets, and resource requirements. It will help to ensure that all aspects of the event are accounted for and that the event runs smoothly.

  5. Use technology to enhance the event experience: Dubai is known for its technological advancements, and event organizers can use technology to enhance the attendee experience, such as mobile apps for event management, interactive displays, and live streaming.

  6. Promote the event effectively: Dubai is a competitive market, and event organizers should consider effective marketing and promotion strategies to reach their target audience. This can include social media, email marketing, and paid advertising.

  7. Evaluate the success of the event: After the event, it's important to evaluate its success and identify areas for improvement for future events. Feedback from attendees, sponsors, and partners can help to identify what worked well and what needs to be improved.