New Volvo XC60 Immersive Presentation

Project details

Exclusive private event bringing a brand new Volvo model to the market.

The unveiling of the new Volvo XC60 car was arranged in the innovative way of an immersive theater show. The venue was the Art Residence, a complex of stylish mansions. Media representatives, customers, and Volvo Cars partners were guests.

It was a three-day-long the event attended almost 1000 people.

At the beginning of the show, each participant received a mask shaped as a crash dummy. It created a special experience, and added drama to the event. The performance plot summary was that viewers watched the life of an ordinary Swedish family, which was preparing for a very important and disturbing event in their life. By the end, it became clear that this is a family of crash mannequins that are in danger every day – the danger anyone could feel.

At the climax, a video clip was displayed on the screens in which the accident almost happened, but the Volvo XC60 car security system saved the protagonists’ lives – by preventing the accident. What they were preparing for so long never did happen, because it was just aVolvo XC60 being put to test.Famous actor starred in the production.

The Zhu Montvilayte, the immersive show director, brought the very idea of the brand to each guest through his mastery of art. Viewers were able to feel in depth that safety was the key to Volvo. And the fact that everything centered around individual viewers, getting them involved and responsive, reflected the key message of the brand: “Designed around you”. This was the format that clearly explained the benefits of the product – real, not fictitious.

The event was attended by 730 guests and 120 journalists.

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