KIA K900 Sweden test drive

Project details

In February 2019, Eventum Premo conducted a test drive of KIA K900 cars for media representatives on the scenic roads of winter Sweden! Sweden is a country having its own concept of luxury.

Locals, including the royal family, habitually show restraint and elegance in the design of the facades and interiors of their homes to match the Nordic climate.Accordingly, the new KIA K900 sets premium standards, proving that prestige can be attractive without showing off the premium brand.

The participants of the event started their trip with a lunch at the legendary Stadshuskällaren restaurant, where the chefs traditionally develop a menu for a Nobel banquet held in the city hall building; then they visit the main halls of the City Hall, accompanied by the best touristguide of the city, and, at the end, stay in the luxurious Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, which had hosted Nobel Prize Laureates for decades.

Those who make the most significant contribution to human progress.