S7 Airlines stand for "Afisha's Picnic"

Project details

Space organization at the Afisha Picnic festival for S7 Airlines.

The stand included several objects: the central pavilion with an observation platform on the roof, a ball pool, and a bar serving soft drinks. The stand branded Space S7 was the central part, opposite the second main stage. The platform on the pavilion roof commanded the best view of performances on the stage.

In addition to building the agency stand, Eventum Premo organized activities for visitors, including a raffle of miles, distribution of branded gifts, and signing up to participation in the S7 Priority program.

The ball pool, the deck chairs, and the parasols were the main dominants.
The materials used were wood and shipping containers.

Unlike flat images like TV commercials, T-shirt prints, and commercials on social media, Spatial Communications allowed creating a multi-sensory representation of a brand and transmit it through voluminous, 3D communications.

S7 Airlines S7 Airlines S7 Airlines S7 Airlines