What an event is?

Что такое Event | Проведение мероприятий

You need to define what an event is.

Based on the book by Alexander Shumovich - "Magnificent events":

Events are something that is different from normal life.
An event is a unique moment in time, celebrated using rituals and ceremonies to meet special needs.
An event is a unique moment in time, which is a ritual (ceremony) and aims to meet the special needs of a person.
An event is a type of human activity that involves meeting and interacting with different people, limited in time, and associated with the implementation of certain common goals.

Based on wikipedia

Event has an emotional and entertainment basis, affects a person with the help of various plot moves, visual techniques, lighting equipment, computer graphics, and so on.
The concept of an event includes an event, event, ceremony, and show.
Based on the book " Mix but not shake"

  • The event is a fairy tale, a departure from the usual reality.
  • The event is a return to a serene childhood - everyone here does everything for us, tries to surprise and cheer us up.
  • An event is an action, not words. Guests must take a personal part in the event, otherwise they will not remember it.
  • The event is a story and concept that has an internal logic, and not just entertainment for guests.
  • The scenario of the event is subject to certain laws, like a movie or a fascinating book.
  • The event is an increase in pace and an increase in emotions from the beginning to the end.
  • The event is an ideal form to surprise the consumer, clearly demonstrate new opportunities and dynamics of the company. This is a form of courtship of the company and brand for the consumer.

In the international business community, event management is commonly referred to as event management. Despite the fact that event management as a separate specific form of activity has existed since time immemorial, event management stood out not so long ago-about 15 years ago.

For a long time, the organization of events was an integral part of other sectors of the economy: hotel business, tourism, show business, some of the functions of organizing events were assigned to sales departments and professional associations… This hindered the development of event management as a separate form of activity.

Now professional event associations have appeared in the field of event management, there are specialized literature, certification programs, and you can get higher education in this field. Gradually, the organization of events becomes a recognized industry with its own technologies, market players, legends and traditions.

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