Ideal Event Agency

Briefly about Eventum Premo for 3 minutes

Think about it: when you are looking for the perfect event Agency, what kind of organization are you looking for? We also think about this and try to match the dreams of our Clients


We have considerable experience.
Our Clients include major international companies and local brands, and we provide them with events of various formats-from product launches and test drives, to conferences and corporate outings. We work with such industries as auto, banking and Finance, Pharma and health, it and Telecom, oil and gas companies and others.

We have our own creative Department, 6 specialists in our staff, and we constantly monitor the best foreign cases and festival projects. We visit major foreign events to keep our finger on the pulse, follow all the trends.

One of the main trends of recent times is the General digitalization of all areas of life. Therefore, our structure has a digital direction. We provide services for promotion in social networks and apps. This can be either individual beautiful projects, or in conjunction with an off-line event.

In addition, our structure has a PR direction. This is very convenient, since we can connect PR specialists who know how to work with journalists and correctly submit their reports . As a result, we can get a much greater effect from the event! PR services are about a third of our company


In order not to be unfounded, we have many international awards. We received statuettes at the European Best Event Award, Event of the Year, Golden Puzzle, Special Events Top50. And of course we are aiming for the Cannes lions.

Educational project

Feeling responsible for the development of the event industry, we are engaged in educational projects. We write articles, speak at conferences, give lectures to students, but we also conduct educational seminars and write books.
3 business books written by the company's partners have already been published, all of them have become bestsellers.


We take a serious approach to who is behind the Eventum Premo brand - we have a very professional and stable team. We strive to implement projects on our own, without freelancers. We have our own designers, creatives, and more than 50 professional managers. Many people have been working for us for 5-7 years or even longer. We constantly conduct irradiation programs for our employees and conduct our own team building sessions. In General, we are the right company for you.

We will be happy to use our strength, talents and experience to implement your goals.