How to choose a wedding agency?

Choosing a wedding agency is an important step when preparing for your wedding. Here are a few steps to help you choose a wedding agency that meets your expectations and preferences:

Determine your budget:

Determine how much you are willing to spend on the services of a wedding agency. This will allow you to narrow down your choices and avoid disappointment.

Determine your needs:

Determine what services you expect from the wedding agency. This may include choosing a ceremony venue, decor, arranging transportation, picking a dress, choosing from vendors, etc.

Meet in person:

Meet with agency representatives to discuss your plans and see how well they can meet your expectations. Assess their friendliness, whether they have the time and willingness to listen to you

Look at the portfolio:

Ask the agency for examples of previous wedding events to see if their style matches your taste. It's not the quantity that matters, but whether the style matches your expectations

Discuss the approach to the work:

Clarify how the agency usually works: what planning stages they provide, how often they provide updates, how they take your preferences into account.

Check the reputation:

Ask other customers and service providers about the agency's reputation.
Trust your instincts

It is important that you feel good 'chemistry' with the agency and trust them. Listen to your instinct when making your choice.
Sign a contract that clearly spells out all the terms and obligations of both parties.

Choosing a wedding agency is an important step, so take your time and choose carefully so that your wedding is exactly as you dreamed. Follow your dream!