Environmental policy in event business

Eventum Premo formally supports all of its diverse efforts and initiatives to maintain a safe, green environment. A number of principles of our work are formulated below, observing which we strive to reduce the burden on the environment:

  • We value the professionalism of event customers. Thanks to clear briefs and competent orders, you can reduce the number of edits when printing and printing souvenirs. Less rework - less waste and defective items.
  • We support paraphernalia and printing orders using degradable and recyclable materials. We love cardboard and natural fabrics more than vinyl and plastic.
  • We love wildlife and ask customers not to cut trees and bushes for decorative purposes. Turtles and many plants found shelter in our office.
  • We stand for saving electricity and therefore we propose to plan work so as to avoid night shifts for agency employees.
  • We are pleased to be able to reduce paper consumption and, whenever possible, strive to replace paper media with electronic ones. We try to print internal documents in the office on drafts.
  • We support reusable products (bags, pointers, notebooks).
  • Less garbage - less landfill. Therefore, we are in favor of minimizing any amount of garbage. In our work, we support cleaning companies that sort garbage.
  • We stand for fuel economy, therefore, we support thoughtful movements at the stage of preparation for the event. For example, we regret unproductive site inspections :)
  • Things that remain after events, we strive to dispose with benefit. We distribute T-shirts, notebooks, pens to schools or take them to collection points for assisting homeless and victims of natural disasters.

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