FAQ for Candidate

  • How do I get a job at Eventum Premo?

    Here is a small guide on how to start working in our friendly team

  • Why it's worth working with Eventum Premo

    We want to be the best place to work in Event and Digital in MENA and every day we try to prove it to ourselves and our Clients.

    We are among the TOP50 event agencies in the world.
    Since 2003, we have not delayed the payment of salaries and honestly pay bonuses.

    Talented people are the foundation of any agency's business. Eventum Premo takes its employer brand seriously. This is one of the priorities for our work. We closely monitor the reputation of the company and therefore take a very responsible attitude to the correct relations with employees.

    In addition, we are always on the lookout for talent and are happy to welcome new people. Those who love their job. In return, we promise large-scale projects, challenging tasks, the opportunity to realize your wildest ideas and become a legend. Do you want to become a legend, work in a famous creative company?

    Do you want to make a career among amazing people who are passionate about their work, in a company with an excellent reputation?
    Do you want to do the coolest projects for commercial companies ?

    Interesting tasks that require a professional and creative approach are waiting for you.
    Work in a team of specialists who are always ready to help and share their experience, as well as the opportunity to realize their wildest ideas.

    Here are our principles

    • We create projects for clients. These are clients' projects and only then our projects.
    • The best thing is that we do what no one else has done and we ourselves. We are the best at solving non-standard tasks.
    • The ideas we are looking for are killer ideas. They are touching, they are contagious.
    • Choosing between solving the Client's problem and short-term profit, we choose the solution to the Client's problem.
    • When implementing the project, we strive for excellence.
    • We are not bureaucrats, we are looking for talents
    • We raise people and grow with them.


  • Freelance jobs

    We are always pleased to establish new useful contacts, so we decided to launch our own platform for freelancers. From now on, interested event pros can work with us!

    If you want to get into our freelancers database, then follow the link and fill out the form.