Reporting video for Event

Reporting video for Events



A film about significant events in the company's life is called a video report. In recent years, corporate video is one of the most popular trends in the media market.
If you are planning a significant event in the company's life or an important event, you need to save it for the company's history and for the video archive. Providing the audience with a report on the work done in an interesting, visual and detailed form is also the task of video reporting.

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When is the reporting video shot?
The opening of production sites, the launch of new plants or a new product line, the merger of companies, the presentation of awards or titles, the visit of important guests, a corporate holiday-all these events can be reflected in the video report. In addition, the provision of CSR (corporate social reporting) is a notable recent trend.

Along with advertising in the media, corporate films are one of the most modern and effective means of communication. This format allows you to talk more fully about the company, its goals and specifics of its activities.

The effectiveness of corporate film

The effectiveness of a corporate film is significantly higher than from any other advertising, because it is shown to a small but targeted audience. In a short, but clear and visual way, the corporate film allows you to convey to the audience the main information of customers. Creating a corporate film is performed for its display at conferences, meetings, meetings, exhibitions, television, and many other events.

The report video can be presented to investors or employees, project sponsors or partners of the company.

Our team includes:

  • specialists with extensive experience in television
  • operators
  • editing Directors
  • announcers
  • sound engineers

project coordinators who will carefully check the smallest details

What we offer:

  • video recording of events
  • short video report
  • reportage video shooting
  • interview
  • video presentations
  • presentation film
  • music video

The same corporate movie of a company can perform several functions at once or contain elements aimed at different audiences. We will be able to put the right emphasis and achieve the right results.

One of the latest and hottest tools in the field of human resources — corporate video-has received approval from HR professionals who have learned to use it in various aspects of the company's activities. With modern technological advances, even the smallest companies can afford to benefit from creating professional corporate videos.

Are you still thinking about using video content in your business? We are ready to give you three reasons to create a corporate video!

The ways to use videos are limited only by your imagination. You can make a video about anything. It is easy to tell how employees should fill out documents! It is easy to edit a clip that tells about the latest and most exciting events and holidays for the staff! It is easy and affordable to train newly arrived employees using a video clip!

Keep in mind that a video is not just an announcer sitting in front of a screen and talking about something boring. Videos can combine entertainment, motivational, and educational aspects. All you need is a competent Director and a creative approach.

  • The same presentation of information in several languages;
  • Familiarizing employees with the full range of products and services;
  • The story of the company;
  • A story about safety rules and regulations;
  • Training, participation in seminars and trainings;
  • Presentation of reports;
  • Increase employee motivation and loyalty.

Modern corporate videos are a storehouse of unique features. They are available to businesses with the most limited budgets, and their popularity in the business environment is steadily growing. Companies and businesses of all sizes and forms of ownership can also use video features.

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