Event Agency

Among all the variety of marketing tools, the organization of events is among the three most effective. It is the service of organizing events that finds the greatest response and allows you to achieve the goals set by marketers the fastest.

A well—organized event is an embodied fairy tale with its own carefully thought-out plot. Event agency is a team of "wizards" who will make your fairy tale come true.

We know how to create a festive atmosphere, how to reflect the theme of the event in terms of its implementation, and most importantly — how to make the event memorable and give guests a lot of pleasant memories.

The events held by the Eventum Premo team are:

  • Orderliness and clear coordination
  • All surprises are intended for guests. We work in such a way as to reduce the probability of unexpected situations for the organizers to zero.
  • Guests are active participants, not passive viewers
  • The concept of a "cultural event" that we inherited from the previous generation is not exactly what we are holding. More precisely, it's not that at all. The event should "light up" the audience, interest them, be well remembered and at the same time solve marketing tasks. When evaluating the effectiveness, it is important to what extent the ceremony, presentation, corporate, business event has achieved its goals, but it is impossible to talk about efficiency without creating the right atmosphere.
  • Full control of the technical aspects of the organization
  • During the event, the employees of our Event company monitor the illumination and temperature, noise level and serviceability of equipment, manage pauses and control the movement of the public. An ideal event consists of thousands of little things.
  • A variety of areas for spending time
  • In accordance with the theme and nature of the upcoming event, we will develop a plan within which no guest will be bored: at events we always manage to "light up" the audience.
  • Conducting a detailed analysis and compiling a report

Event-marketing involves a deep comprehensive analysis of the results of the survey, publications at the end of the event and data collected from other sources. Based on the results of the analysis, as well as financial documents, we generate reports. With their help, Customers can always make sure that investments in the events held by our company are effective.