Business events with Eventum Premo

Organization of partner conferences, seminars and international forums, promotions and presentations of new products — you can order business events of various formats from us.

What is important to consider when conducting business events

It is necessary to present business information vividly, impress the participants, provide entertainment activities and combine all elements of the conference with a single idea.

Standard goals of the organizers:

  • To hold the most useful and memorable event
  • Create comfortable conditions for the speeches of the conference guests and for the communication of the participants
  • Ensure impeccable logistics of the event
  • Strengthen the image of an innovative, extroverted Bank, an attractive employer

The organization of business events includes:

  • developing a creative concept and ensuring the technical implementation of the idea;
  • perfect logistics organization;
  • writing the script of the entertainment part with the selection of artists and numbers;
  • general administration and search for service personnel;
  • decorating the site and preparing souvenirs with your brand;
  • providing reports, including video and photo materials.
  • We did a little research on what future participants of the conference are waiting for and what they are afraid of.

It turned out that the participants are most afraid that:

  • it will be a boring, regular formal conference.
  • to be "zombified" by corporate values
  • will be divorced from reality, and the new requirements will not be applicable
  • there will be infinitely many slides in the work
  • In addition, potential participants are afraid of possible conflicts with colleagues or management during the informal part of the event.

The participants would like to have a good time, express their opinions and would like to be heard. We would like an explanation of what the leaders want from them – an explanation of what exactly to do in understandable human language.

Our specialists have developed their own methodology to evaluate the results of the activities carried out. To do this, an arsenal of tools is used, including interviewing in focus groups, questioning participants, analyzing publications in the media, and others. The evaluation results are also included in the report provided.